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Richard J. Clark | Email: RJC AT rjcceciliamusic DOT com

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  1. Really enjoy your music! Simple, noble and beautiful! Currently studying Choral Conducting at Stellenbosch University, ZA. Hoping to get back into composing some church music. Studied for two years under Peter Louis van Dijk, more along the lines of minimalism but love the eastern chant style too. Just had to say hi!

    • Jonathan, Thank you for your kind words! I truly appreciate you taking the time to listen. Best of luck and success with your studies and work!

  2. This is really beautiful, and if it is published, I would like to order two copies, please!
    I would have totally skipped singing the Offertory Hymn this morning if I had learned of this piece in time.

    • Another Jonathan (LOL),
      Which piece are you refering to? It is published through this site, (although it’s still under development.)

      Are you refering to Psalm 139 “You Have searched Me Lord?

      Thank you!

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