Heart, My Heart

Stephanie Piraino, soprano
Richard J. Clark, piano

Propers of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Psalm 69:21
Matthew 11:28-29
Psalm 33: 11, 19

Heart, my heart
Waits for reproach, waits for misery.
Hope, I hoped for one who would grieve with me.
I looked for comfort, someone.
I looked for someone who would comfort
I looked, I found no one.
I had hoped for one heart together with me
Together grieving.
I searched finding no one.
One to comfort me, finding no one.
I turn to you O, Lord.

“Come to me
Come unto me all you who labor.
Come all you who carry heavy burdens.
All you who are burdened
I will give you rest.
I will comfort you.
Together comfort.
Take my yolk and learn from me
I am meek and humble of heart.
You will find rest for your soul.”

Heart, my heart
Waits for the Lord,
Waits for no one but Him.
Hope, I place all my hope in You, my God.

The thoughts of his heart stand firm through all ages.
That He might give comfort and nourish
In God alone, my heart will trust
In God alone will my heart hope.
In God alone:
Heart, my heart.