Lumen Christi—Paschal Candle Procession

Lumen ChristiLumen Christi is available exclusively through CanticaNOVA Publications

2010 Translation of the Roman Missal:
“Lumen Christi. The Light of Christ.
Deo Gratias. Thanks be to God.”

Gary Penkala writes: “The Paschal Candle Procession at the Easter Vigil is a solemn and joyful liturgical moment. After having struck the New Fire and prepared the Paschal Candle, the celebrant commissions the deacon to lead the procession carrying the Light of Christ into the church followed by the ministers and congregation. Lumen Christi by Richard Clark facilitates all the traditional elements of this procession: singing the response thrice, each time on successively higher pitches and accompanying the procession with choral embellishment, all a cappella (as the organ is still silent). –Expertly arranged and beautifully written, Lumen Christi will enhance the grandeur of this special processional.” — CanticaNOVA Publications

“…expertly arranged and prayerfully sung processional magnified the pronouncement of Christ as light of the world. As the church became illuminated with our growing candlelight, the processional music soared in a circling succession of musical keys, continuing to resonate a fuller and more robust response, with each dialogue and choral embellished throughout this processional triptych of symbolic human sound. It was transformative.”

Denise Morency Gannon – Ministry & Liturgy Magazine

Richard J. Clark on “Sounds from the Spires” with Dr. Jennifer Pascual – Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music for Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on SIRIUS XM 129 Radio, The Catholic Channel. Dr. Pascual is an incredibly down to earth and welcoming host!

Listen here to the interview on 9.24.2012:

The following pieces are featured on the program:

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