Lumen Christi

Lumen Christi (2000) (Nine movements performed continuously)

  •        i. Christ yesterday and today
  •        ii. the Beginning and the End
  •        iii. the Alpha;
  •        iv. and the Omega.
  •        v. All time belongs to Him;
  •        vi. and all the ages.
  •        vii. To him be glory and power;
  •        viii. Through every age for ever.
  •        ix. Amen
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Lumen Christi (Light of Christ) is based on the simple two note, Mode 1 Gregorian Chant. This chant is sung three times, in ascending keys, during the Easter Vigil service, the holiest night of the Christian year. This piece is a series of nine continuous mediations, (perfromed without break) which are from the blessing of the Paschal Candle—the symbol of God’s Light to be spread throughout all the world. A secondary chorale-based theme also appears three times in a slightly higher key each time. This work is orchestral in its approach to the organ, exploring various colors and harmonics, openness and introspection, darkness and the Light.